Award winning fundraising consultants launch training and coaching programme to strengthen regional charity fundraising

Tina Antonio
Tina Antonio

Tina is founder of Change Q: one of the not for profit sector’s most experienced strategic leadership and social change consultancies. With over 25 years experience working across the not for profit sector as a consultant, a trainer and as Director for several major national and international charities, she has helped bring about change for some of the most challenging social problems, including domestic violence, disability, poverty, conservation and climate change. She is also an award-winning fundraiser who has raised millions, doubled revenue and reversed £multi-million deficits. She has spoken at national sector conferences, delivers unique training to help strengthen the sector and is mentor and visiting speaker for the University of Bristol Department of Management.

Change Q Training, part of one of the sector’s most experienced fundraising and charity consultancies, have developed the Fundraising Talent Programme to help regional fundraisers to significantly improve their fundraising results.

Results from a recent Change Q survey showed that although 67% of charity staff in regional charities said that demand for services is increasing 50% don’t know if they’ll meet the coming year’s fundraising targets. 71% said they need more fundraising training and 85% said they need more marketing training. Staff also described just how training would have to fit around today’s work life and that more than half would have to fund it themselves.

Practical training and coaching is known to build confidence, raise income and lower staff turnover, yet of the estimated 150,000 fundraising staff in England’s regional charities – those with turnover between £100,000 and £5m – still only a small proportion are given access to quality training and support. A huge proportion of these staff are single-handedly juggling a portfolio of fundraising income streams – often experienced in just one type of fundraising or transferring skills from another sector, yet expected to achieve growth across all of them.

 “The demands upon these fundraisers are immense and the research highlights this,” comments Tina Antonio, Director of Change Q. “Many of these fundraisers are juggling multiple commitments, including family and work, feeling the pressure to grow income or hold it steady, often worried that they lack the skills and knowledge to fully succeed. It was hard to ignore the need for a more practical and immediate fundraising training approach – one which would help fundraisers to quickly gather broadscale fundraising know-how while also helping them to get the fundraising job done. Over a period of 25 years as consultants we’ve facilitated hundreds of charity staff to grow and even double fundraising results, so we knew there was a high need for this support and when we consulted fundraisers they confirmed it –  but not all charities can access consultancy. So the Fundraising Talent Programme uses affordable training and coaching to bring our approach to a much wider field of fundraising staff, particularly for those staff who want to learn effective skills but lack the time for intensive study.”

The Fundraising Talent Programme was designed to respond to the specific needs voiced by fundraising staff in regional charities. Starting in October 2021, it combines online training with expert coaching from award-winning fundraising consultants who’ve raised £millions, doubled revenue income and reversed deficits as large as £9m. Covering the full spectrum of fundraisers’ skills, including strategy, design, marketing and digital communication as well as a choice of income stream specialist topics, it both delivers learning in life-sized bites and offers optional accreditation for learners. By giving learners a choice of topics it also equips them to enhance not duplicate knowledge and to lead teams in a campaign-focused approach to fundraising.

Tina Antonio founded Change Q and has raised millions for a wide range of regional charities and some of the UK’s leading charities, including the MS Society, Christian Aid, Action for ME, RSPCA and TREE AID. She has coached and trained hundreds of charity staff and is an End Point Assessor for the new Fundraiser Apprenticeship. Change Q Training provides training in fundraising, leadership and social change. Change Q is a leading not for profit consultancy providing specialist strategic leadership, fundraising and social change consultancy to charities. To find out more about the Fundraising Talent Programme visit To learn more about Change Q Training visit or email


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Change Q provides strategic leadership consultancy and training to help not for profit staff achieve and fund social change across all aspects of life – from parenting and health to climate change and conservation. Using high impact, participatory approaches we help not for profit teams to access vital sector information, master charity strategy and design tools, create shared action plans and be better leaders.

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