What we do

We support charities across 5 areas:

Our aim is to make good quality strategy consultancy and skills more accessible to medium sized charities – so Change Q consultancy is high impact and efficient and supported by ‘wrap-around’ services which help charities to improve resilience and impact.

Charity Strategy & Fundraising Strategy Consultancy

Change Q’s qualified charity strategy consultants have helped over 100 charity leaders and their teams to develop strategies. This includes award-winning service delivery strategies and fundraising strategies which have raised millions. Our strategy consultancy packages are specially designed to help medium sized and smaller charities to connect to vital sector information, master and enjoy using proven strategy tools and create plans which improve future sustainability and impact.

Research & Evaluation

Our charity research and evaluation consultants are some of the best in the sector. Highly experienced and efficient, they work with Change Q’s strategy consultants to help you to better understand your charity user’s needs and the dynamics of your sector and to continually improve impact. You can find out more about how they work here.

Charity Change Management & Organisational Development

Some of the charities we help need to change structurally – to build capacity, change their service portfolio or develop new organisational systems as the charity grows. Others seek our help to embed new behaviours or develop business plans to encourage funding. We help them through this process and share valuable charity management and change management skills.

Charity Leadership Development

Leadership development cuts across all our work. As well as developing charity leadership skills in strategy, learning and organisational development we also deliver leadership development packages. We share the Change Q Charity Leadership Development model and provide bespoke charity leadership consultancy.

Charity Learning

CQ Insight – Change Q’s monthly newsletter – strengthens charity leaders by sharing knowledge to inform strategic planning. We share policy information, research findings affecting service design and fundraising, strategy and leadership tools and fundraising information. Subscribe to CQ Insight here.

Working hard to help charities achieve

We work hard to support charities so they can achieve more – for their beneficiaries and their funders

Changing Behaviour

We helped Open Up Music to design, fund and evaluate a social change programme which challenges attitudes, improves the lives of young people with disabilities and which won the Observer/Nesta New Radical Award

Solving Problems

Change Q helped social enterprise RECOOP to use market insight and product design tools to navigate a bewilderingly complex and highly regulated sector. This gave a skilled and dedicated team the confidence and drive to push forward, focusing resources upon activities most likely to yield the highest return socially and financially

Improving Lives

We helped the energetic and talented staff at Jessie May to raise £1.2m for  nursing care for terminally ill children through its high profile Precious Time Appeal.

Growing Income

At a critical time in Holly Hedge animal sanctuary’s history Change Q helped harness the team’s considerable strengths into a fundraising strategy and a belief structure which sustained the charity’s excellent work and is now building the foundations for future growth.