Mission and Values

Our mission: To help organisations to increase impact and create sustainable cultures

 And our beliefs:

We are committed to improving the performance of non-profit organisations, for maximum impact on the area of need and for the most ethical use of public funds

  • We strive to do this by helping organisations to improve leadership and organisational strategy skills, to adapt to changes, to measure impact, to improve communications and to gain funding sustainability

We believe in being innovative, constantly striving for improvement and in encouraging our clients to be too

  • We do this by being open, by testing, evaluating and learning and by sharing design and innovation tools with our clients.

We believe in sharing skills and expertise so that charity workers grow in capability and are inspired in what they do

  • We do this by participative consultancy and by sharing planning models and latest approaches to help you to continue to make sense of and adapt to and create change.

We believe in respecting humanity and sustainability.

  • We do this by helping organisations improve performance in sustainable ways which respect the dignity and other needs of human beings and with consideration of wider sustainability issues.

We believe in making a difference and will only work with organisations where we believe we can honestly help

We will put your organisation’s needs first, match our skills to your need and offer ‘best advice’. If we can’t help you we will tell you.

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