Charity Training

Change Q Training are experienced trainers and facilitators for the charity sector. We’ve been designing and delivering learning programmes for over 20 years, including for Charities Aid Foundation and local authorities.

What would you like to learn?

How to raise £millions?

Learn how to plan successful fundraising growth strategies, create more engaging products and use communications more effectively. Learn at your own pace with life-sized learning and coaching support from award-winning fundraising consultants.

How to lead more effectively?

Learn how to be an effective and inspirational leader with qualified leadership experts. We combine evidence-based leadership approaches designed specifically for the third sector with first hand experience of successfully leading charity teams to succeed.

How to create more change?

Effect more change, more easily, within your charity, in communities, in policies and in thought. Learn with qualified and experienced third sector change specialists using evidence-based approaches designed for the complexities of your sector’s unique challenges.

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