The Fundraising Innovation Programme

The Fundraising Innovation Programme is a 7-day participative planning programme designed to update fundraising strategy and develop the entrepreneurial skills of charity fundraising teams. Change Q’s expert fundraising consultants bring over 20 years of gaining solid fundraising results for national and grass-roots charities. Blending tailored consultancy, mentoring and practice it’s a unique and affordable way to help medium-sized charities to achieve fundraising growth and create more inspired fundraisers and supporters. Get in touch

Why go on the Fundraising Innovation Programme?

  • To improve your organisations’ prospects of successfully sustaining and growing income
  • To equip individual team members to make daily decisions which help achieve the overall strategy
  • So fundraisers focus in on what works, learning evaluation and analysis skills and developing a ‘learning fundraising culture’, making them more effective and efficient
  • To access broader market information and fundraising best practice to protect future income and enable teams to diversify income
  • To develop new ways to grow delicate supporter goodwill so you build committed, lasting relationships
  • To enable your fundraisers to be more innovative, enterprising and business-like helping them to secure trustee support for their ideas, create exciting participation opportunities for supporters and deliver better return on investment
  • To bring your fundraisers closer to the cause, making communications more powerful
  • To build satisfaction and motivation levels in fundraising teams
  • To give you access to expert consultancy which is reliable, accessible and which disseminates skills cost-effectively and rapidly across teams in a way that typical consultancy and training simply cannot achieve.
  • To save your organisation time and improve its effectiveness and sustainability

Who is it for?

  • Medium-sized charities which have already developed a fundraising programme and need to either sustain or grow current fundraising income or improve efficiency
  • If your charity turnover is above £3m per annum click on advanced strategy
  • If your charity is a start-up or has turnover below £300,000 then click on Nurture strategy for start-ups. Get in touch

How the Fundraising Innovation Programme is different

  • More accessible support: It merges the skills, knowledge and guidance of the most effective parts of high quality consultancy with team-wide skill development to give medium-sized charities access to highly practical, affordable and efficient solutions
  • Relevant and trusted competency. It’s delivered by consultants who provide an unusual combination of not-for-profit specialism, professionally recognised strategy and leadership qualifications and an impressive track record in helping achieve organisational and fundraising goals
  • Effective leadership approach. A highly positive, affirming approach which keeps you and your team in the lead and is shown to help people to be more open to ideas and development

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5 core elements of the Fundraising Innovation Programme?

o   Evaluation. We assess the potential of the funding opportunity open to your team and mentor them through the process of evaluating campaigns, understanding strengths and seeing development and diversification opportunities. These then become ongoing evaluation and reflection practices easily used by all team members

o   Supporter-sensitive approaches. In a changing environment and a fundraising market which has been in decline for two decades we share research data about supporter motivations and responses and help teams to  get up to date with latest best practice and develop their own sensitive responses

o   Innovation. We share Innovation-Thinking techniques alongside valuable insight and trends to help the team to develop and diversify income. Exploring donor needs and lifetime value while providing facilitation we help you to identify opportunities and develop and create future donor engagement products

o   Marketing. We take a fresh new look at both your charity’s cause and fundraising products. We unpick the most powerful motivating factors, help strengthen promotional messages to donors and help teams to reach and engage new audiences.

o   Business-thinking skills. Throughout the programme we share strategy and decision making tools to help your team to adopt practices needed to assess and gain support for ideas

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How does it work?

Through a combination of mentoring, analysis, workshops, sensitive facilitation and access to expertise and research we help fundraising teams to not just learn but to actively apply proven fundraising strategy tools and processes to their specific cause and goals.

What do you get?

  • Consultation sessions with the fundraising team and charity leader
  • Guidance through a short but invaluable evaluation process with expert analysis of the findings and a review of your current fundraising materials
  • An estimate of the untapped fundraising potential for your charity
  • Information upon sector trends, what charity supporters want and an insight into how psychology and neuroscience can help fundraisers
  • Two practical strategy planning workshops delivered onsite to up to xx team members:

o   The Fundraising Strategy Workshop – where we practice participative planning to create a shared fundraising strategy framework for your charity

o   The Fundraising Innovation Workshop –where your team will learn and practice the latest design and innovation tools to meet supporters’ needs in ways that will connect them to you and the cause, leaving them feeling good and wanting more

  • A team workbook tailored to your experience, reminding you of some of the processes and with a summary of the strategy and innovation choices made by you and your team.

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