The Strategic Leadership Space

Change Q’s accessible strategy programmes

Change Q’s accessible strategy programmes give teams the space to be strategic. They provide high quality sector-specialist strategic consultancy in efficient and therefore affordable packages, designed specifically to help people in medium sized charities to face the unique strategic challenges of their sector. Using a blend of specialist consultancy, mentoring and participatory planning we share proven strategic tools and market knowledge to guide teams towards the creation of a tailored strategy, whilst keeping the charity and its leaders in the lead.

The Strategic Leadership Space

The Strategic Leadership Space is a 7 day accessible strategy programme focusing upon charity and programme strategy. A more rigorous and practical approach than the standard ‘Away Day’ this participative planning programme supports performance-minded leaders by providing bespoke market research, expert strategic consultancy and by sharing a third sector strategic skill set which enables organisations to remain relevant to both users and funders and to develop organisation-wide commitment.

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Why use the Strategic Leadership Space?

  • You recognise that strategy needs to be regularly refreshed, that in an increasingly complex world failure to anticipate and adapt to change from a variety of avenues can result in loss of funding, effectiveness and even relevance
  • You want a service model which improves your organisation’s impact, uses donors’ funds as efficiently as possible and provides a sustainable future for your organisation
  • You want to be able to plan future investment in resources and to design effective future systems
  • You want to inspire and motivate staff, volunteers and funders
  • You’d like help facilitating the input of a broad, multi-disciplinary senior leadership team and Board, to balance the different and sometimes conflicting views so you can achieve a shared understanding of the route forward
  • You want your strategy to be based where possible upon evidence to give you greater certainty of the way forward but your team lacks the time or sources to collect it
  • You want to benefit from skilled and expert, but affordable, strategic consultancy to help your senior leadership team to resolve imminent strategic issues. You also want to equip them with sound strategic planning skills so they can make autonomous strategic decisions on a daily basis
  • You want the strengthened marketing and fundraising messages which arise from undergoing a clear not for profit strategy process

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Who is it for?

  • Small and medium-sized charities (up to £3m) facing changes to funding, competition and beneficiary needs and seeking to improve efficiency and impact
  • If your charity turnover is above £10m per annum click on advanced strategy
  • If your charity is a start-up has turnover below £300,000 then click on Nurture strategy for start-ups


The 4 core elements of the Strategic Leadership Space

  • Consultation with your senior leadership team and Board to understand the organisation and its work, to gather shared market knowledge and to identify any particular issues
  • Market research to fill in any gaps in currently known information in order to scope an up to date, evidenced picture of beneficiary needs, provision and trends
  • A series of group strategic planning workshops which can be delivered as 3-4 short sessions or as full days. Designed for senior leadership teams and trustees these sessions guide teams through the use of highly effective third sector strategy and innovation tools. They help teams to share and make sense of information about both market and organisation, help them to identify and prioritise issues, position the organisation’s work compared to other options, streamline services and processes for maximum value and adopt innovative responses to provide maximum benefit for the organisation’s users
  • A summary report containing notes on the process, identified issues and opportunities and agreed action points

How does it work?

The programme provides a combination of consultation, analysis, market research, workshops, sensitive facilitation and access to strategic and sector expertise – giving you the space and the support to refresh your understanding of the strategic context and form responses.

How the Strategic Leadership Space is different

  • More accessible support: It merges the skills and knowledge of high quality consultancy while providing team-wide access to skills and planning tools to give medium-sized charities access to highly practical, affordable and efficient solutions
  • Relevant and trusted competency. It’s delivered by consultants who provide an unusual combination. We are not-for-profit specialists, who are highly qualified in strategy and leadership and have an impressive track record in third sector organisational development and fundraising
  • Effective leadership approach. A highly positive, affirming approach which keeps you and your team in the lead and helps people to be more open to ideas and development

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